A lot of homeowners ask “when should we trim our trees?” Well, the answer isn’t always straightforward. The reason for this is that whenever you’re planning to trim your trees, you’ve got to consider a couple of factors. This includes the surrounding landscaping, the vulnerability of the tree to disease, the impact of insects, the type of tree, and much more.  

In general, the ideal time to trim your shrubs and trees is during winter. During the cold months, almost every type of tree is dormant. Because of this, it’s the best time to trim them. There are also other reasons, such as: 

  • Trees heal faster. This means that your tree will be healthy and happy again by the time spring arrives.  
  • There’s less influence on the surrounding landscape. A tree trimming Davie FL professional can see easily what they’re doing if the tree has no leaves.  
  • Trees are less prone to disease or insects 

Another reason why it’s recommended to trim your trees during winter is that you can save more money. This is because you will save money if you book your tree trimming early. During winter, tree care professionals typically aren’t busy. Thus, they offer discounts as well.  

The Schedule for Tree Trimming 

Pruning during the late winter guarantees that fresh wounds are only exposed for a short period before new growth starts. This helps the wound from trimming start to heal immediately. Furthermore, the process of trimming dormant plants is a lot easier because there are fewer obstructions from leaves.  

It’s Particularly Ideal to Trim Trees During Late Winter to Prevent Particular Diseases 

  • You need to prune Honey Locust trees if they’re dormant during the late winter. The reason for this is that it is ideal to prune in dry conditions.  
  • If you’ve got an apple tree, try trimming them between February and Late-April. Summer or spring trimming improves the possibility for infection to spread. On the other hand, early-winter or fall pruning can lead to growth problems the next season. 
  • If you trim your oak tree during the cold months, you can prevent Oak Wilt disease. A lot of experts do not recommend trimming your oaks between April and October. 


Evergreens need a bit of pruning, with several exceptions. You have to trim various forms of evergreens according to their varied habits of growth. 

Shrubs and Hedges 

You need to trim hedges frequently after the first pruning that takes place during planting. You can usually trim hedges two times every year. Once in mind-summer and once during spring. 

Trim Before New Growth 

You need to prune shrubs during the spring season before growth starts. This is particularly true if the shrub is grown mainly for its foliage instead of its showy flowers.  

Trim After Blooming 

You need to trim shrubs and trees right away after they are done blooming. This is particularly true if they bloom early in the growing season.  

The best way to know when to trim your trees and shrubs is to hire a professional tree care company for help.