Just like what we do with our cars, clothing, food, and body, we need to take good care of our real estate property. Though it is obvious that we focus mainly on the indoor factors of our property, you should not neglect the outdoor factors as well. Else, it will turn into a pretty bad situation. Ignoring the outdoor aspects of your property can lead to expensive repairs down the line.  

One of the most common outdoor factors that people ignore is the concrete sidewalk. It’s a victim to a lot of weathering problems. Thus, they’re prone to damage. It can be quite expensive to replace a sidewalk. Thus, it’s better to repair it as soon as you notice issues.  

Here are several indications that you need to hire a concrete contractor West Palm Beach to fix your concrete sidewalk: 


Spots with poor water drainage lead to the buildup of moisture beneath the surface of the concrete sidewalk. Your concrete sidewalk is at risk of being weakened by the collected water if it has a bit of a wet surface around the edges. Water on the concrete sidewalk’s surface isn’t a problem. However, the presence of water under the sidewalk’s surface is a problem that you have to repair.  

Fading Colors 

If you’ve built a concrete sidewalk using stamped concrete, you’ll have a beautiful sidewalk. However, the color and design fade away over time due to exposure to the elements, such as rain and sun. Though this might not appear like an alarming problem, the upper layer of your stamped concrete sidewalk protects the underlying layers from the elements. The inner layer becomes more prone to damage if the color fades away. This can lead to cracks. Thus, you have to replace the faded layer with a fresh one to preserve its integrity.  

Depressed or Raised Surface 

Oftentimes, sidewalks made of concrete have this problem. A couple of concrete slabs might move out of place because of the constant application of loads or because of the soft soil under them. It’s extremely unappealing since you or another person might end up tripping on the raised edge. This can lead to injuries. If you notice a raised or depressed surface on your concrete sidewalk, make sure you hire a professional concrete contractor to have it fixed immediately. 

Broken Edges 

Oftentimes, the edges of a sidewalk give in to excessive pressure or loads and crumble away. This is particularly true if the sidewalk is located in a high-traffic area. If not fixed right away, these broken edges can clog the path of the underground drainage. They can also lead to parking problems for cars and trip hazards for people.  

Surface Cracks 

Your concrete sidewalk is located outside. Thus, it’s exposed to all types of elements. Because of this, it’s normal for them to develop several cracks. Though invisible and tiny cracks might be ignored, noticeable cracks are indications of impending danger. If left ignored, these cracks grow into the surface and completely damaging your concrete sidewalk.