Having a house near the sea offers you the chance to enjoy amazing views of the ocean. Though living right on the sea can be thrilling, it also comes with special challenges and a lot of responsibilities. Typically, you’ll find a lot of seawalls near waterfront properties.  

This structure is made to protect the shoreline from flooding and erosion that can possibly cause severe damage to properties near the coastline. If you equip your property with a seawall, you’ve got to guarantee that you’re offering the right maintenance for your seawall to keep its integrity strong and durable.  

Aside from hiring a Ft. Lauderdale seawall repair company when you notice some issues on your seawall, here are other tips on maintaining it: 

Conduct Regular Evaluations 

It can be an easy and simple way to guarantee that your seal is in excellent condition if you take your time to carefully evaluate the surface regularly.  

A visual assessment can reveal important details regarding the seawall’s condition. You can examine for cracks if your seawall is made from vinyl or concrete materials. Cracks can signify that you need to fix your seawall since it’s deteriorating. You should search for indications of rot, splitting, or termite damage if the seawall is made from treated wood.  

Conducting regular visual assessments will enable you to keep the integrity of your seawall. 

Unclog Weep Holes 

Every single day, a seawall is subject to a lot of water pressure. The water pressure can come both from the ground saturation of the soil behind it and the actual water the seawall is constructed to contain.  

You need to relieve the pressure regularly to avoid the water pressure from damaging your seawall’s structural integrity. The pressure relief valves of a seawall are called weep holes. These holes help divert strong water pressure. Water has to freely move through these weep holes to control the water pressure your seawall endures every day.  

Debris such as leaves and dirt can find their way into the weep holes of the seawall. They can clog up these filtration devices. You can guarantee that water can freely move through these holes if you take your time to unclog the weep holes of your seawall regularly. With this, you can prevent a dangerous accumulation of water pressure from affecting your seawall down the line.  

Get Rid of Plant Growth 

Vegetation is typically attracted to the place since your seawall is built in close proximity to a huge water supply. Though a couple of plants might not present a threat, a lot of vegetation varieties growing near seawalls affect its integrity.  

The root systems of plants can produce cracks in the seawall’s façade as they grow in the vicinity of the seawall looking for moisture. These cracks make the seawall less resistant to the strong pressure of the waves. In addition to that, these cracks also enable water to leak inside the seawall. If this happens, it will start to deteriorate the seawall.  

Getting rid of the plants regularly will help you prevent this from happening.